Resistance bands have become a popular strength training tool among trainers of all fitness levels. These popular accessories allow you to improve muscular strength and tone your entire body without having to worry about a gym membership. Interested in giving them a try? Here are a few tips on how to choose the best resistance band for you:

Understanding resistance levels

Typically the thicker the resistance band, the greater the resistance is going to be. This means that a thinner band will be easier to use than a thicker band.Bionic Body Super Bands are color coded to differentiate resistance levels for you.

Know your fitness level

Resistance bands are rated according to pounds so you should be able to estimate which one will best fit your needs. Remember to select bands based on your current fitness level and not your desired fitness level or you might not be able to properly perform some of the workouts you’d like to do. It is also important to consider which weights you generally use for common strength training workouts and apply that same resistance level to your resistance workouts.

Consider which muscle group you’ll be working

Some muscle groups can handle more resistance than others. For example, your legs are often stronger than your arms so you might want to use a band with a higher resistance level for leg exercises. Range of motion is also something you should consider. If you plan on doing exercises with a wide range of motion, starting with a lower resistance may be your best bet.

Get yourself a variety

Once you begin training with resistance bands you are going to realize that one band isn’t going to be ideal for every exercise. It’s best to start a collection of at least three resistance bands so that you have options when you want to train a different muscle group or increase the resistance of an exercise. At least three resistance bands is ideal so that you have light, medium and heavy resistance options for your workouts.

Get some accessories

Resistance training accessories will allow you to perform even more workouts from your own home or on the go. For example, Bionic Body offers Single Grip Handles,Exercise Bars,Ankle and Wrist Straps,Tri Grip Handlesand aDoor Anchor. These accessories will allow you to train even more muscles and tone and strengthen your body from new angles.

Add some resistance tubes to your collection

Resistance tubes are similar to resistance bands in many ways but there are also a few differing advantages to each. Resistance tubes are often easier for handle-based workouts as many of the above accessories will easily attach to them. Resistance bands are fantastic for workouts where the band is anchored to the floor; however, resistance tubes better accommodate exercises that require resistance attached to pulleys.

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