Resistance training with exercise bands offers an impressive number of fitness benefits. Strength training with resistance bands have been proven to improve balance, prevent injuries, offer nearly endless workout possibilities, and allow you to strengthen and stretch virtually any major muscle in your body. Brands like Bionic Body by Kim Lyons offer sometop quality resistance training productsthat make it easier than ever to get a complete body workout in your own home or on the go. Among these products is the resistance band, a highly versatile piece of fitness equipment that every home gym must have. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your ownresistance bands:


Variety is good:Some muscles in your body are stronger than others so having a collection of resistance bands with varying sizes and tension levels will allow you to properly exercise more muscle groups than you could with just one resistance band. The stronger the muscle you are working, the higher the tension level you should be using.

Focus on your posture:It is crucial that you maintain proper posture while performing any resistance band exercise. Strong posture throughout resistance workouts will ensure a tone and sturdy core, particularly during standing workouts, during which you should keep your knees slightly bent and legs no further apart than hip-width.

Breathe deep:A steady breath will ensure that you get the most out of your resistance band workout. Inhale slowly and expand the deep muscles of your diaphragm as you push against the resistance band during each workout. Exhale slowly as you return to the starting position.

Start slow:If you are new to resistance bands you may want to begin performing workouts at a slower speed. Slow, controlled movements allow you to slowly guide the band rather than allowing it to snap back into place. Once you have mastered each resistance exercise at a slower pace, you may gradually increase the speed for a more invigorating workout.

Make sure band is secure:To avoid any injuries or damages to the band you will want to make sure that the band is properly positioned under the appropriate anchor, whether it is your feet or a door frame. This will keep the band from snapping back at you during workouts and prevent damage to the product.

Keep your bands in shape too:Resistance bands, particularly Bionic Body brand resistance bands, are very sturdy; however, to keep them working properly it is essential to take proper care of them between workouts. Store your resistance bands in a loose position out of direct sunlight. Regular washing with water and a soft cloth to remove dirt and sweat will also keep the bands working properly for a longer period of time.

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