There is more to core strength than just a nice set of abs. In fact, core exercises are some of the most important when it comes to maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. Your core is not only the roof that protects your inner organs and central nervous system; it is also the central link that promotes proper movement of your entire body. If you would like to begin strengthening your core visit, where you will find resistance training products and workouts to train every major muscle group in your body, including your core. Below are five benefits of resistance band core exercises for a happy and healthy life

1. Better posture

Slouching is often a product of weak core muscles. Keeping your core in top shape allows good posture to come more naturally, which ultimately results in a healthier spine and deeper breathing. The core works to stabilize your entire body, and with all of your limbs and muscles in proper alignment you will be able to stand or sit up straight with ease.

2. Minimized back pain

If you experience back pain regularly then it’s time to start performing some resistance band core exercises. Strengthening your abdominal muscles will take stress off of your back muscles so they will not have to work so hard to keep your spine straight when you are standing or sitting. This will ease pesky back pain so you can remain focused throughout your day

3. Improved balance

Performing resistance band core exercises will train muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen so that they work together to keep you steady and balanced throughout physical activities. This improved balance will benefit you not only in your fitness routine and athletics but also throughout daily life. An improved sense of balance and stability will also minimize your risk of injuries when you train.

4. Improved athletic performance

It doesn’t matter which sport you are playing, chances are you will be engaging your core muscles in some way or another. No matter which physical activity you are participating in, a sturdy core will ensure that your arms and legs will not tire too quickly. A strong and healthy core also increases stability and balance and improves your motor skills, making it easier to react quickly in fast-paced sports like tennis and soccer. Remember, you can have better-looking abs than anyone on the field, but if you don’t work out your entire core you aren’t really reaping all of the benefits.

5. Everyday activities become easier

A strong core will not only improve your athletic performance but your overall daily performance as well. Every mundane action from bending over to tie your shoe or sitting down in a chair relies on your core muscles so working your core on a daily basis will actually make these everyday actions a little bit easier. A strong core will also make sitting for long periods of time much more manageable, which is a great advantage to have if you work in an office. Your risk of injuries also decreases as you build your core muscles due to improved balance and overall body strength