It is a common question in the fitness world: which is better for weight loss, strength training or cardio? If you are looking to simply see a smaller number when you step on the scale, then maybe a strict at home cardio workout regimen is all you need. However, if you would like to actually look slimmer and more toned, then working some strength training workouts into your home exercise routine is an absolute must for men and women of all ages. With the holiday season upon us, there is no doubt that you will be working hard to shed and keep off some extra pounds, so here are some tips on why you should use strength training + cardio workouts to maximize weight loss.

Strength training is more powerful than cardio

Cardio has its advantages: it promotes healthy lungs and burns plenty of calories, but that doesn’t mean that it is the best kind of workout for looking leaner and more fit. Cardio actually causes you to lose muscle, whereas strength training allows your body to lose more pure fat instead while also burning calories for up to 48 hours after each training session. If you are concerned that strength training will bulk up your muscles too much, don’t fret; a healthy combination of both strength training and cardio will actually leave you looking thin and trim rather than making you buy bigger clothes to fit all those new muscles into. This brings us to our next point…

Strength training + cardio = best results

If you are looking to lose weight and make it show, then the best solution is a healthy combination of both strength training and anaerobic exercise. There are advantages to both in terms of weight loss; however, strength training seems to have more. Overall, you will burn more calories doing cardio than by strength training, which will result in a lower number on the scale, but cardio doesn’t do a whole lot for your muscles or figure. Strength training builds and tones muscles in addition to burning calories, allowing you to achieve a body that not only says “I’m slim,” but “I work out” as well.

Do more strength training than cardio

In general, the best strength training to cardio ratio is two-to-one. That means that one-third of your weekly workout regimen should consist of some form of cardio. If you work out three days a week, then you may want to spend two of those days strength training and the third day performing aerobic exercises. However, for maximum results at this exercise frequency, we recommend focusing primarily on strength training each day and ending with ten to fifteen minutes of cardio. If you are serious about losing weight and looking slim, you should consider cardio as secondary to strength training.

Try interval training

This applies to both your strength training sessions and your cardio sessions. High intensity interval training (HIIT) has been proven to burn more fat in less the time than consistent cardio. Interval training involves breaking up your workouts with brief periods of intense workouts with rest periods in-between. With the HIIT technique, every workout will actually allow your body to burn more fat, even for a few hours after you’re done working out.

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