Bionic Body Compact Elliptical Trainer with Resistance Tubes| NS-1009

Make fitness happen anywhere and anytime with the Bionic Body Compact Elliptical Trainer with Resistance Tubes. The lightweight design and convenient handle allow you to bring this mini elliptical wherever you go. And, because you can use the compact mini elliptical machine while sitting, you can even burn calories while reading or completing office work.

The compact elliptical stepper allows you to pedal backwards in order to exercise a wider variety of leg muscles. The easy to use resistance lever will help push your leg workout to the limit, while the heavy duty resistance bands will help turn this small device into a full body workout.

With the compact seated elliptical strider, you will be able to get an intense workout anytime and anywhere.


Compact Elliptical: Standing

The compact elliptical strider can be used while standing just like a regular elliptical, except this device will help you save space and is easy to move! In addition, when used in the reverse position, the elliptical trainer transforms into a stepper, giving you a varied workout.

Compact Elliptical: Seated

Have a busy day? Don’t worry, the Bionic Body Compact Elliptical Trainer can be used while sitting, allowing you to multitask! Since it is lightweight, take it to the office or wherever your day takes you!


Accessory: Heavy Duty Resistance Bands

To add even more variety to your workout routine, use the included resistance tubes to help you workout your upper body, arms, and shoulders at the same time. Resistance tube foam handles provide extra comfort. Not only does this give you a full body workout, it also cuts your exercise time in half!


Safety - Sturdy Non-Slip Pedals

The only thing that should be on your mind is achieving your goal . With a sturdy steel construction and non-slip pedals, this compact elliptical machine will help you focus on the important things, like pushing yourself to the limit!


Adjustable Resistance

Take control of your workout by using the adjustable resistance lever. If you need an easier day, turn the resistance down. If you’re up to the challenge, turn it up! No matter what the intensity, the Bionic Body Compact Elliptical Trainer will adjust to your needs.

Electronic Fitness Monitor

Keep track of the progress with the electronic fitness monitor that displays: number of strides per minute, total number of strides, exercise time, and calories burned. The electronic fitness monitor requires one AAA battery (not included).

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