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Strengthen and tone your muscles without weight lifting equipment with the Bionic Body Super Bands by Kim Lyons. With a flexible closed loop, the Bionic Body Super Band is designed to increase the ascending resistance of your daily workouts without injuring your joints.

Anti-snap material ensures that this is a safe piece of workout equipment for home gyms while a compact and travel-friendly design makes this a highly portable home gym equipment piece.

Made of high-quality latex for consistent resistance training, the Bionic Body Super Band is a great tool for stretching, yoga, Pilates movements and other exercises.


Durable and Resilient

All Bionic Body Super Bands are created of high quality double-coated latex for consistent resistance and this tear resistant material makes for a safe workout.

Adaptable and Portable

Bionic Body Super Bands are adaptable for a wide variety of different exercises. Combined with the compact and travel friendly size of this product, it is like a portable home gym!

Single Bionic Body Super Band

Keep in mind, the package includes a single Bionic Body Tube and all other straps and attachments are sold separately.

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Retired - No Longer Available
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