Ankle and Wrist Strap | Bionic Body BBAS-015

Feel the invigorating effects of resistance training now with the Bionic Body BBAS-015 Ankle and Wrist Strap by Kim Lyons. Designed to fit snuggly on both wrists and ankles, the Bionic Body Ankle and Wrist Strap snaps easily onto any Bionic resistance band to give you a convenient and affordable way to tone both your lower and upper body. Made of durable nylon that can withstand the most intense workouts, the strap is also adjustable to provide maximum comfort for any user. Start getting fit in the comfort of your own home with this easy-to-install resistance strap that provides full control and movement throughout your workout.

  • Comfortable, adjustable ankle or wrist strap fits any user
  • Made of durable nylon
  • Easy to install
  • Snaps onto any Bionic resistance band (sold separately)
  • Manufacturer"s warranty included


Portable and Interchangeable

Portable add-on that snaps right on any Bionic Resistance band or any apparatus that accept clips to start doing leg/arm workouts and stretches.


Adjustable and Comfortable

Adjustable ankle/wrist strap fits any user snugly which ensures full control and movement. 


Compact and Travel-Friendly

Don't forget to pack your Bionic Body Ankle and Wrist Strap for your next road trip or trip to the local gym.

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